Just a note, the 10 mw FM house transmitter is just
right.  Clear audio with coverage of the entire house
and even the yard.

Where I live in the narrows of Sybille Canyon, FM
reception is not possible.  I put a yagi antenna at
the top of the mountain, brought down 650 feet of RG59
coax with an inline 20 dB amp to a Radio Shack
receiver in the garage (see pictures).  The
recorder output feeds into the house transmitter, so
now I can pick up KUWR (on 88.7) in all the rooms of
the house.

Thanks for such a nice product.

Larry Dean



Dear EDM:

I have been testing the Stereo FM Transmitter module for the past several days.  It sounds
great and really gets out!  It's a great little unit.

Regards, Chris


Received the transmitters quickly, thanks for the prompt shipment. It seemed to work very well for the little testing that I did.



I had a nice smile on my face when I came home from lunch for the car radio picked up the signal a few blocks from the house.  If fact, I drove around the whole neighborhood and it was able to pick it up.

Great FM Transmitter, Good Clear Stereo Sound.

You are FAST! I received the transmitter in the mail today (Monday). .

I went to RS and bought their 3A regulated P.S. Took a F to RCA fitting
and hooked up my Ramsey TM-100. Attached a CD changer.

Your unit is everything you advertised and more. I can't believe that a
unit that small does what it does, and so well.

You get a thumbs up and an A+ from me!

Mike Bugaj

I started with VCOs back in the 1980's, so this little synthesized jewel is a real joy
compared to those bad old tweak stick'n coil squeeze'n days, let me tell you!
The more I use this little stereo transmitter the more it amazes me.

Really fun product, Thanks again!

Howdy again,

Haven't decided on a power supply, yet, but tested your transmitter unit with
batteries and it works great!

Thanks ..... Skip

My friend recently bought the 100 mw version from you and is loaning it to me.  I am simulcasting my AM station on it as we speak and it sounds great!………

Dean O'Neal

Transmitters received. I haven't hooked them up but they look fantastic….

Why are you guys building these transmitters? Are you building stealth fighter AMRAM pods on your real job and having fun on the side with these to keep the labor crew busy at night?

Anyway, congrats from an Extra class ham operator. Good work.

Gene Seville


Just a follow up message to let you know that I have tested, and made a
small cabinet, for the transmitter module, and am VERY pleased with the quality of

Have a World Space Receiver ( Satellite ) which will only work in one corner
of one room, and have now connected this transmitter so that I can now
receive over my Home Theater System.WOW, what a difference this makes. The
bonus is that I can now have the same music in any room in the house via a
cheap FM radio.

Thanks for a great product, with even greater service…


Ady [Bombay]

Received the transmitter at Disney and it's already installed and working very well. I will be doing tests on it for the next few weeks and will let you know how it works out.
Thanks Paul...

[This transmitter unit was installed on a roller-coaster! - EDM]

I am very pleased with the stereo transmitter, it's exactly what I was
looking for. Good quality, small, easy to tune, and a good price. Feel free
to use me as a reference on your web site.


Doug Melton

As of this moment, the transmitter is running, I am
playing a CD and you did a hell of a job on these, the
audio quality is better than some of the local FM
stations, and the coverage with the antenna that comes
with it is great, good job...I am excited!!!
Thanks a lot for your help, I just can't believe how
great the audio sounds!!!


Hi, received the transmitter yesterday and it works great. Thanks!

Brian Duke

I got my EDM back in March and it has been in service 24/7 ever since. No problems at all to report. From my own experience I can tell you that the EDM sounds great, the stereo separation is terrific and tuning is a breeze (no multiple dip switch settings to mess with).

Dean Chapman

I just got a FM transmitter, a few people suggested the EDM FM transmitter: audio is great, it is not all compressed or processed like on the regular FM stations, but it sounds clear, I suppose if you want the sound of the big guys then get a processor. EDM who makes them responds to your emails very quick and does a good job with support.

So if you need a better transmitter or first one or whatever, consider the EDM one. Its also digital tuning, also, so no drift.

I run mine on Fridays and Saturday 9am-10pm, Frequency stays in place no problems or anything, only thing I don't like, which is normal is the transmitter does get hot, not hot enough to burn but hot. You will need to get a metal enclosure.

So with all this Oldies 103.5 and 1700 are on the air in Cambria.

Re: Synthesized Stereo FM Transmitter

Thanks again for the great assistance, fast turnaround and excellent product support!

Cougar Kev


The 100mw order arrived and I have tested it satisfactorily. I will need to get a regulated power supply to get rid of the hum, but the range is easily 500 meters.

Greetings once again!

I have returned to Germany...settled on a small steel "petty cash box" which does the trick nicely... the unit works very well with no hum at all, once positioned inside the box.

I am pleased to report that your 100mw unit performed in an outstanding manner at an 8 day convention where we provided simultaneous translation into German or English (depending on which language the speaker used) via FM receivers. The signal was clear and conference attendees from previous years remarked how easy it was to use a mini FM receiver rather than the infra-red system we had used in past years. We had been assigned the frequency 99.5 Mhz by the German telecommunications office.

I would also like to order a 10mw unit...

Best regards,

Paul Kieffer

Added: Nov, 2007


Yes, I received the two units (EDM-TX-LCD-EP) in good condition and they work fine. People commented that the signal was clearer using these units. We have the mono unit since we transmit only speech for simultaneous translations between languages.

-- Paul


We received the EDM 100mW that you posted to us eventually and it is working very well. We would like to make another purchase for two transmitters. Is the bank information still the same?

Best of Regards

Operations staff - Radio Nederland (Madagascar Island - Relay Station)

Thank you for your consideration and support with this issue.

It is obvious that I created the problem and I truly appreciate the effort that you put into repairing this unit.

Thank you!

Kirt Amos

I have ordered this product from you before and was very pleased. I need 3 additional 10mw stereo fm transmitters. Is it possible to have these delivered to me by Monday.... Do you have any suggestions on this? Please Call.

Julio Escobedo

Got it thanks, works very well.

Capt. Robert K. Henkel


Received the unit. Made a quick enclosure for the Transmitter module with thin gauge aluminum sheet metal, a pair of tin snips and some other basic tools. Took no more than 30 minutes.


Works 100%, no hum -clear signal!

Thanks, Ronald


I received my unit this past Friday and
I am very happy with it. My house is quite large and
all of the other units I tryed would have noise and
dead spots in various parts of my house.I get a clear
signal every place in the house and more..

I really love the unit.The build quality is awesome with the digital
readout. Sometimes I have it on 16 hours a day hooked
up to my digital cable box with its 50 channels of
commercial free music...

Best regards

Jim Reynolds

music is stored locally on the show PC in MP3 format and links seamlessly
via the software to the animation sequences. The music is broadcast on
99.3FM via an LPFM transmitter from this is an awesome
little unit and has performed well beyond my expectations for the price!

Hello there.  Today I received my transmitter in the mail today, and immediately had a good time transmitting.  I constructed an aluminum case for it, as well as a 1/4 wave antenna.  I transmitted my favorite music from my place, and found that I was still able to hear it 1/2 mile away from my house in a heavy residential area of town!  Most impressive, especially when the antenna was inside my place, broadcasting throughout the neighborhood without a good line of sight.  I have included a picture of the transmitter inside the case that was constructed for it.

tx case


i just received the unit this morning, it takes 3 hours to replace my old xmitter board, i really like the performance,

Regards, Charlemagne Apache

Hi Folks
Just wanted to write and tell you how happy I am with
your unit.The stereo sound quality is so good that it
is almost scary.Sometimes its hard to tell if its a
commercial station I am listening to or my little EDM unit.Anyway I just wanted to let you know how much I
appreciate your unit.

Hey guys!


The new transmitter arrived today, and I cautiously proceeded to complete and install it into the implement box...


Just want to thank you all again for such great support and I look forward to doing business with you again.. I have friends raising eyebrows now....


Steve Francis

Thank you for the help, all is working well now...Great little unit...

Jim Guidi

The EDM transmitter is outstanding in design and performance, it's size and easy set up make it by far the best transmitter in its class. The metal case is also a stand out in that it can easily be mounted on a wall or laid on a table, and it's compact size and 12 VDC operation means it can be operated anywhere. I will be using mine as part of a Radio Station in a Brief Case for a Talking Sign and Special Events business. I plan on ordering many more as I can think of many uses including: broadcasting a satellite program around the ranch or very low power translator. If anyone has any questions about the transmitter feel free to have them contact me anytime.

    Thanks again for an outstanding product & service.


My fm transmitter arrived when you said it would.
I am very happy with it. It produces a good clear
stereo signal and has very good range.

I am so pleased, I have just ordered 2 more units


Dear EDM:

The transmitter shipment arrived intact this afternoon.  It is up and operating right now.  Sounds great!

My neighbors have been enjoying tuning in.  I have over 2000 "classic rock" hit titles on a CD jukebox that feeds the unit

Best, Chris

I just got the tx, plugged it in, ran a mismatched (only slightly)
dipole from it - nice sound :)  Very nice actually.


Hello, I just got the transmiter now! I love it! extremley fast shipping.
This is even better then what I thought it would be, I love it. thanks so


I recently purchased a EDM transmitter.Yes, I am testing it this evening.This is FM stereo for a killer affordable price that is absoulutely unreal ....


Hello, guess what, today i went to the postal office here in Romania and got the soon as i got home...quick assemble, simply amazing, works unbelivable....clean even sounds better than direct form the computer :-) great L/R separation, high frecuencyes sound great , and stability, easy to use and small, so small and so smart, thank you people for this!

Regards, Mihai(now On Air)

on airdipole

Another happy South-African here!

Hi, I received the transmitter shipment today


I have been experimenting with it all day, and am very impressed with its sound quality and range. I tuned it into 107.1, which was a clear station and the quality was excellent. I could even hear the stereo and excellent base on the car speakers. I especially like the green readout, and how it is spot-on with the frequency. I shall keep you updated when I do more testing. I am very pleased. Thanks for making such a cool product.


Best Regards,


Overall, I have been very happy with the value vs. performance of this unit

Thanks, S Harrison

Your Unit Should Have Some Award!

I have looked at A lot of other small fm
transmitters on the internet and they seem to be quite
large in comparrison to yours.Its hard for me to
believe that you were able to design such a awesome
sounding unit in such a small space for such a
attractive price. If you have any would be
customers that wonder how good your unit performs and
sounds you may have them email me and I would give
then nothing but glowing reports.(email available on request -EDM)

To Whom It May Concern:

I put the transmitter together this morning and it works great!  I can’t believe how well it works, and such a small package. 

You have truly created a great product.  My hats off to the engineers. 

Happy Holidays! 

Best regards, S Hepler

Sorry for the confusion ... but our snail mail delivered the package today.  Again...thanks for a great product.  ...Max

I have just received your EDM-TX-10

It is fantastic - very quick delivery,easy to follow instructions and (most importantly) awesome quality.

I would recommend you with total confidence.



Sydney, Australia

Hi I recently bought from you a TX-10EP (with the box but without the PSU) and it is awesome

I am now about to order a TX100EP

For interest I did a small adjustment to your case - adding a slide swith to the left of the power input socket - it is the only thing missing from a very well thought out design.



..However, my last TX I bought was the EDM100mw....before I go... I must say..this TX is the best... I am glad to wrap up my saying this TX made it all worth while...however,I will miss this Hobby all because of this unit... read full story here

Thanks very much for your info.

I made the pad. After some adjustments of the TX I now get great sound from my mp3 player. Thank you for good support. 



Sören -Sweden


The transmitter arrived safe and sound back to me today. Thank You for such fast work! I am really glad that it has been fixed.I will keep in mind about what you said and such.

Awesome company! My hat is off to you all!

Also, you can use this email on your site if you would like. AAAAA++++++

Thanks Again So Much EDM!

Hi EDM Team...
Just wanted to let you know i received my EDM-TX-100EP a few weeks ago.
And i couldnt be happer. It works perfect,great sound
quality,transmission range. I mounted the unit inside a dvd player and
use it at work as we cannot receive radio stations inside our building.
Haveing 4.5 gigs of
mp3s is great...
Thanks again  Jay

Will you have any more units available in the near future?

--- In<tunerwiz@... wrote: Members, For some time now I am looking for a really good and affordable low power stereo transmitter to use in my home. Names like Ramsey, Crane etc. popped up. Read all the reviews I could find - but still I am not convinced. Also no real technical details from the great names. Lately I was pointed to Loads of technical information. Have any of you used their stuff before? Any advice appreciated.

>> I have had the Crane style junk and the Ramsey garbage. I bought the EDM and it far outclasses anything I have ever seen short of a commercial exciter. It does what he says it does,no hype,no surprises,solid as a rock and a 2 year warranty to boot! I am extremely happy with my EDM10B and plan to buy more. Cant beat the price either!

Later...Lee,Wilcom Labs

Hi -

A few months ago I purchased about 17 transmitters from you - am very happy
with their performance.  I have a large project coming up very soon and would
like to purchase an additional amount. I might be able to purchase somewhere between 15-30 transmitters from you.


Good Day,

I want to leave my comment on your EDM-TX-100EP transmitter. I've owned many FM transmitters, some quite good, some garbage, but the EDM-TX-100EP is the best I've ever owned. It was easy to put together, well written instructions, Nice bright easy to read display, and a top performer! My signal sounds as good as the other FM stations in town. I've had it in service for over a month, and never had a lick of trouble with it, not one problem. Of course, I'll keep you updated.  I'm ordering another EDM-TX-100EP to place in the car, and you'll bet I'll stick with EDM Design for all my future transmitter needs! Just keep making top notch products for all to enjoy.

Yours Truly,

M.W. Shannon


I'm not just a satisfied user of your product, I am also a webmaster on a low power radio site that pulled
2.5 million visits last year :-)

We all love your transmitters - see our review here:

or discussion thread here



I received my unit (EDM-TX-LCD) last thursday and have been running it through its paces. It's a great little unit. Very well made. The signal is very clear and so far I am much impressed.

I really like the unit. Its much more flexible in that I don't have to take the cover off to make changes. It sounds awesome. These units are really well made. I will be writing a positive review of my experiences with it on the Sat Radio forum board. I'm sure your products will be of interest to them as they are so much more advanced than what it presently available. The quality and versatility of your products are unmatched by any.

Best Regards,


EDM-LCD-TX review


I can see now why you guys get so much positive mail. I was a bit leery of floating my hard earned money to South Africa all the way from Canada, to a company I’d never heard of and one which didn’t  show up in any related North American sites. Plus I’ve also bought other kits in past and been less than impressed overall.  

But I am delighted to say that you guys make the best damn low-power FM transmitter available, hands down, anywhere. Compact, easy to use, and rock-solid clear sound with virtually no noise.  

I bought the 10/100 mW unit in the enclosure with PS etc. This thing is absolutely great. I most heartily recommend your product to anyone looking for a transmitter for personal or private applications. I use it to broadcast streaming audio from the Internet, or sometimes I’ll re-broadcast a feed from my Sirius satellite radio. Then I can putter around the house listening from various radios tuned to my frequency, or wear a portable receiver and headphones. 

Thank you very much for being so good at what you do.  

Warmest regards,   

Brian Kellett

North Vancouver, BC


Good Day!

 Here is another comment that you can use. (After 1 year)

 After a year of constant use, the EDM TX-100-EP has been nothing less then a workhorse. It's have given no problems whatsoever. Never have to worry about it drifting off frequency, no problems with interference with TV or Radio, no fear of it going off air for no reason at all. It's a good sound design in construction. Audio is wonderful as well. Like I'd stated before, it sound as good as the other FM stations on the dial.

I was so impressed by EDM's quality, I got another transmitter, the EDM TX-110-EP. This transmitter was to be a mobile unit, but it was quickly turned into a satellite station to my main station. A satellite station 70 miles from the home station. The comments I've gotten from listeners regarding the audio quality is very positive. The only trouble I have is keeping the Internet connection running, but I don't have to worry about the transmitter resetting itself.

I'll say it again, I will buy another EDM transmitter in a heartbeat! Planning another satellite station about 300 miles from the main studios sometime this winter. I'm buying EDM for the quality construction, reliability, and clean audio output. 

Thanks again for a great product!

M.W. Shannon

Hello to all readers. A few days ago i went to my friend`s local radio
station where they got all the professional equipment for FM
broadcasting. What interested me was they`r IDT digital band processor,
from wich the main transmitter gets the processed sound. So i put my
little edm transmitter on the sound processor and got very amazed when
i noticed that was no difference between their transmitter and mine.
For those who want the recording and some photos you can find it at:

I've got the system tuned and broadcasting - good signal and a breeze to install. I'd recommend the system to anyone with a suitable application. Feel free to include this recommendation on your website.



Hi EDM Folks
Its been a while since I have written to you. Coming up in November of this year my unit will be 3 years old and still working great. .........................................................
I think it is truly amazing that you have a 2 year warranty which I am sure is the first of its kind for a kit. Many thanks for making such a great very affordable unit.

Golden Valley, Minnesota (Letter shortened - EDM)

Posted in

I have tested the FMX and the EDM side by side; The FMX is like a Yugo and the EDM is like a Toyota...

The EDM transmitter is an outstanding value when compared to Ramsey and others.  Low harmonics and spurious emissions will reduce the chance of a visit from the FCC...

For the money the EDM is the best transmitter in regards to sound quality, signal quality & inovative design when compared to Panaxis & Ramsey...

For those who want to set up a part 15 FM station on a budget, I suggest the EDM transmitter and a Behringer UB802 or the older MX 602 mini mixer. Both include 2 XLR mic inputs and 2 stereo inputs all inputs include 3 band EQ, aux send which can be had for under $60 retail. Total cost $187 compare that to a Ramsey 100B kit priced around $269...


transmitter arrived today (EDM-TX-LCD)
wow its range and audio is great
you have made a great product fast shipping.
i can pick it up all over the neighborhood!
thanks for the fast shipping



I took the plunge and upgraded to your latest LCD series with enclosure. My old EDM 10/100 is still doing great after 3 years! 

I just want to let you know that the LCD model is a sure winner. No audible noise between music tracks and awesome audio. I can definitely hear the difference between the old and new. I like the transmit power control. Even that this model is more expensive, I am not disappointed.

Regards Ruan

Frequency modulation instead of network stacks turns out to be a pretty cost effective way of getting your house set up for internet radio/streaming. I recently purchased this device which is a low power FM transmitter built by a company in South Africa called EDM Design.

After minor assembly, I plugged it into an 3.5mm to RCA cable that (with a rheostat to manually adjust line volume) and I’m on the air with RadioScience. I can broadcast any stream to all the radio receivers in my house, which is a lot cheaper than buying these Wi-fi kits for sending streams to stereos. Plus if I want to add another station, I just get another FM receiver which is hardly a cost at all. Sound transmission is good, though you’ll want to play with the volume/transmit adjustments inside the device after you pick which frequency your home-brew station is going to use.

I purchased a EDM-TX-10EP from you about 6 months ago and love it. I
have a friend that I'd like to give it to, and therefore upgrade myself. So I'm interested in your new model EDM-TX-LCD-EP....

Thanks for selling such a great product at a reasonable price. I have
friends who have paid thousands for "wireless home entertainment" and
have inferior sound and capability to what I can do with your simple
radio transmitters.

Sincerely and happy holidays,

S. Midgley

Here is a testament for your website.

As you know I have two of your transmitters on air,
one has been on the air non stop for three years 24/7
until yesterday when rain leaked in and soaked the
circut board taking it off the air. I thought it was
finished! I dried it out with a air gun, and then with
a heat gun, powered it back up and it came right back
to life like nothing happened. EDM transmitters power
the only two FM radio stations that can be clearly
received here, a thousand plus listeners depend on
them for all their programming.

From: Radio Brandy Staff

To whom it may concern, (EDM LCD Transmitter) 

I received my transmitter on Friday and got to play with it some this weekend. I hooked it up to the zone 2 output on my home theater receiver. This outputs the audio from any device connected to my receiver to the transmitter. One of my devices is a XBOX 360 that I use as a media center extender. This means I can also play any music files located on my pc. I had some trouble with noise and some crackling (mostly on the right channel) but I found that this was because the wire antenna was near so many power cables. I mounted a homemade slim jim antenna tuned for my frequency in the attic and ran RG58 to it. The noise and crackling are gone and to my non-audiophile ears it sounds perfect. Even with the antenna mounted at an angle (my attic was not tall enough to stand it up) I am transmitting clearly about a ¼ mile radius. I need to turn down the rf output but then my setup will be complete. I will use it this way for watching tv and playing xbox without disturbing the babies or the wife and listening to my mp3’s when I’m out in the yard. During Christmas I will use it to broadcast the music for my synchronized light display.

Thanks for such a quality product that delivers on it promises.

This is my third transmitter (first EDM) and the others sounded like toys in comparison.

This thing sounds as good as a commercial station. Please feel free to use this on your website.

I have used a Belkin Tunecast and two transmitters from a Chinese company that sells on eBay. They were 1W and 5W

The highs and lows on these units were distorted and there was a fair amount of noise no matter what I tried.

They had a lot of good feedback on eBay but I guess that means nothing. I am glad I chose the EDM transmitter, it was that or the Ramsey 30b and even though I have a degree in Electronic Engineering I wasn’t looking forward to putting it together after paying so much for it. I guess it’s like a mechanic not wanting to work on cars on his free time. The main reason I chose the EDM is you guys are the only ones who list detailed specs and test results as well as having good customer feedback.

Best Regards,

Tim Harrison

Note: (All EDM kits require some assembly and soldering. - EDM sales)

From: Posted in Yahoo's Radio-Transmitter Group

I have used the EDM unit for over 3 years at 16 hours per day and the unit performs just like a commercial fm station.In fact sometimes I can't tell any difference compared to those 100 KW stations. I talked to the folks at EDM and they have built in a very mild comp. limiter that works fantastic. The email responses are next day and the sound quality of this unit is awesome.

Jim Reynolds Custom Recording Studios (Mpls. Mn.)


I received the unit and I'm enhance of the results. Thank you and congradulations.

Thank you.

Daniel R.

"don't forget the new EDM is the Rolls Royce of low power transmitters"

"I have had many transmitters in my life dating back to 1976, As a radio station owner I can tell you I'm very impressed with the EDM (LCD), I compare it to our $5000 exciter in sound quality and still amazed how they do it in such a small package".



I just finished connecting the cables and powered it up in my downstairs living room. I checked out all of the radios in the house and it was static-free on all of them. Previously, my upstairs bedroom clock radio had reception issues with my Starmate....

Next, I decided to give it the walk test, so I took my portable cheap radio and headed out for a walk. The signal was very listenable up to 10 units away, which is about half way down the block - that is twice as far as the old Starmate Replay signal went.

While I cannot compare it to the Whole House or any other external transmitters, I can say that it freakin works and then some. Forget whole house, this EDM could be called "Whole Block." If anyone wants to send anything throughout their home, this will more than do the trick.

Fred. W

I got it hooked up in ~20 minutes and it works great!!

I'm impressed at the range of this thing (LCD model), even on the
base 10mW setting.


Thanks for your quick and helpful answer.  Your service and support is simply phenomenal!

Thanks again!

--Alan Thomas

This transmitter is the BOMB!
I've owned three other brands and they are all horrible transmitters.
I think I'm going to order another one.


Hey there,

Took me about 15min to assemble the LCD kit. Instructions were easy to follow.
The most challenging part for me was the soldering as this was my first time!
It all worked out well and I now can enjoy my music anywhere in my house.


    i'm an old user of your edm tx 100. Here are some photo's of:

wca kiss fm 90.3-legazpi albay, philippines
wlm 90.3 kiss fm sto. domingo national high school, albay, philippines

almost 4 years of continous operation, and planning to purchase another two transmitter this year.
                               thanks and more power.
                               CHARLEMAGNE LL. APACHE

Just received my order in Canada (May 15). I'm happy

As I have things set up it has exceeded my expectations.  I have assembled and used Ramsey products with reasonable results.  I was currently running an AAREFF 50mw stereo transmitter.  The sound was good on the aareff, but the tuning was a pain.  The EDM-TX-LCD outperforms anything I have used to date. Can't say enough about the quality of the transmission.

Thanks again EDM for the awesome product

(Letter shortened - EDM)

I just got my EDM-TX-LCD-EP recently. WOW!!! It's great!
I'm using the supplied antenna and the quality is 1000 times (or
more) better than the last transmitter I tried.


I'm up and running - I posted this response in Light O'Rama:
Thanks for the great unit - sounding awesome!!!

"I thought EDM's LCD was hype..but I'm a believer now!"


The EDM FM transmitter is excellent, better than anything I have used to date including Ramsey/Veronica kits/ccrane or those pathetic transmitters in the satellite radios.

         This is really a great product. Now the wife can listen to her satellite TV in the house and garden in super stereo quality. I'm very tempted to buy another EDM-TX-LCD-EP for myself.

                    Well done and thanks for the great service.

                                   John in Belgium.

PS You can use this on your site if you like

Hello EDM Team,

Just ordered another TX as I was so impressed with the first which was a present to my wife.

My husband took literally twenty minutes to get the unit up and running with your instructions. We are novices with a soldering iron and there was not a bit of trouble. We had to only change the fm frequency, no changing any other settings and now we can hear our satellite radio station throughout our acre property with a small fm radio. The sound is better on the actual satellite radio unit with the EDM-TX-LCD-EP we bought from you than it was before on it's own.  Now I plan on buying my husband a headphone fm unit and he will be able to  listen to radio while mowing the grass. We will be able to enjoy our satellite radio outdoors and throughout the house without buying another satellite radio unit. The fm transmitter we bought from you even transmits to our basement. My husband stated "I'm impressed" and I am very satisfied. I researched other fm transmitter units such as Ramsey and Whole House transmitter before I settled on buying your unit. What convinced me was your knowledgeable customers glowing recommendations. You may add me to that list. You make a very well thought out, cost effective fm transmitter. Other fm transmitter companies should be jealous of your product and your customer service. Thank you!
You may use this testimonial.

Dave and Susan Powers

By the way, I'm another satisfied EDM customer.  I've been involved in the micro-broacasting hobby since 2000 and I've never had a finer transmitter (I've used Ramsey and PCS Electornics products). EDM proves that GOOD THINGS REALLY DO COME IN SMALL PACKAGES!

Just a quick addendum:  when it comes to customer service, there's nobody better!  You guys always respond quickly and thoroughly to any inquiries.


Very awesome product, very satisfied customer

I am extremely impressed with your transmitter. I have spent the past
month researching different antenna options and found a way to make one
from a friend and now that I have good reception I cannot believe the
quality that the transmitter transmits. I was actually thumping the
bass, very very good quality. Just wanted to post a good review.


From: <******>

The EDM LCD is hands down the best sounding micro transmitter today.

Good Morning / Evening EDM Team,

I would like to thank Scott for bring your names to the TOP of the market of transmitters. And all of you hard work and support.  I have talked to several other people who have raved about your produce even before the received it.

I original purchased the EDM LCD unit as my backup but after the head to head (
and physical touching the unit.  I can tell you it will be my primary!!!  I was VERY impressed with how solid they were built and how much of a night and day difference it was on the Ramsey (Ignoring the Hum).

H. Ward

Letter shortened.

got my edm-lcd today, very nice

wow, the stereo sound was so clear and i cannot tell any difference
between plugging the headset direct into soundcard and using edm-lcd
fm broadcast.

i am not a hi-fi fan. but i can tell that edm-lcd is much much better
than my friend's belkin in the quality of the sound and low noise
level. it is really worth my 172 dollars. I definitely will recommend
edm to my friends who want a real fm transmitter not a toy.

edm team, you did a great job.

frank (letter shortened)

I have been a fan of the EDM transmitters for almost 4 years.Even
though my old one was awesome the new LCD one is in a class by its
self.The extremely low noise of the unmodulated carrier is virtually
not there. Weather I use a inside antenna or outside antenna the audio
quality is unreal.


This morning I decided to test my EDM LCD, and compare it directly to the same situation if it was not through the EDM

I ran out to the car and tuned that in. wow, I couldent tell that the mp3 player itself wasnt plugged directly into the car.

When I got home I got it all set up again and I used my Sony home theater sound system (with built in fm tuner) Again I was very impressed.

Later today I went to my friends house to test the edm on his very nice sound system he has in his car. To my supprise We still coulden't tell the diffrence if it was comming directly from a mp3 player or it was being sent from the EDM

Greetings- Received the LCD in June '08 and am very happy........
Really like the unit, much better than my fm30b.......... has a lot of good info, I found the
LCD model review which made me toss my Ramsey fm30b.

BH at gmx "real_nerggle"

I have both units, Whole House & EDM LCD.

The EDM is just completely in a different class of transmitters. The sound, quality of build, transmit distance and frequency range. They are not even comparable.

You get what you pay for with the Whole House unit and it will get the job done but, the EDM will get the job done and do it right!

Mark h2o

I purchased an EDM direct from South Africa an as far as I'm concerned they are the best.


But, the real difference was the astounding sound quality improvement with the
EDM xmitter. Hands down, no comparison. The EDM truly does rival
the sound of a professional station..

The opinion of a rocket scientist & true audiophile
(Dr. Xin Feng, Inventor of Xin range headphone amps)

My LCD is loud and clear! (Extract from EDM Yahoo users group posting)

"fixup*7" said:

I have no idea why people need a compressor. My LCD is loud, very
loud. The volume is just perfect, the same as my CD and MP3 sources. I
always hated whenever I switch from CD/MP3 to FM, I had to turn down
the volume pot because all the FM stations are too loud, much louder
than CD/MP3. LCD's dynamic range is fantastic, I have not heard of any
clipping yet while the volume is more higher than I want.

This thing is amazing. I have been listening to it ever since I got it
and love it every minute. Deeply disappointed with all the iPod
transmitters, I was going to try Ramsy, but poor price and reviews
turned me down. I was then looking for professional broadcast
equipment, but they all were too powerful for home.

I spent quite some time studying on LCD before I pulled the trig,
because it uses the same BH1414K chip that's used in all the garbage
iPod transmitter. It was hard for me to believe how could the same
chip sound like night and day. For $200, I could not buy one from a
local store to try and return. Not only have all my doubts gone now (I
still have no idea how EDM did it), it is also far better than I could
ever expect.

Life cannot be any better, thank you, EDM. Long live FM!

Now, for the good news. The unit is up and running flawlessly. And by the way I own an FM-30B. The sound quality was terrible with the FM-30B and I'm only using it for Christmas lights, which is why I looked to you for a replacement. After hearing yours, I'm confident your unit can pull double duty and broadcast our XM signal to all our stereos here instead of just poolside where it is now. It seriously is clearer than most local FM stations.

So, my compliments on a fantastic product and a very reasonable price and I'll be happy to pass your name to all the folks there that are asking how I'm broadcasting on FM stereo. Feel free to post all or part of my comments on your website as well.

Bob Tenwick

I started with the Whole House model.  I farted around with it for a week - moving it to different locations, changing patch cords, plugging it into different receptacles - everything I could think of, and still the signal was weak, noisy and it didn't transmit clearly even to the street in front of my house. 

I then picked up an EDM model and the difference is astounding!  Don't waste your money - just get the EDM and be done with it!

You nailed it! Great sound, good stereo, strong signal in the house on the 10mW setting. A very good design.


Phil Bolyn

Designer and seller of the SSTRAN AMT3000 AM Transmitter kit

EDM LCD FM transmitter running at 10 milliwatts.

Fantastic xmitter! Can’t say enough about these babies!  I had a Ramsey 25B for three years, loved it.  Then read a review from Radio Brandy.  Bought the EDM. Ran it one day.  Put my Ramsey on Ebay the next day.  There’s no comparison.

Received LCD kit today.
"Assembeled kit"
Utterely @ss kicking performance!
Crystal clear and powerful(at low setting!)
Had sent back a "hole house" xmitr, which is like shooting a bb gun to a .45. Puts a smile on your face.

Thanks EDM.
Jim N.
PS Use this e-mail if you wish.

Hello.  I thought I'd give you some customer feedback on the EDM-TX-

LCD I bought a month ago....

The unit works perfectly, and delivers a very nice, quiet signal 
throughout my house.  The sound is excellent -- this is clearly a 
superior device.  I really appreciate the ability to tune the 
transmitter to any frequency, unlike some devices on the market that 
only permit a limited range of transmit frequencies.

Again, thanks for a nice product.

Dan G

I have used several transmitters to send music around my home over the years including a Ramsey FM25B and CC Crane but none of them even begin to compare to the EDM-TCX-LCD.

The quality of the construction of the unit is outstanding and the performance is truly astounding!   I think it sounds better than the commercial FM Stations.

It was well worth the wait.

Roger E

EDM, 2 years of use with the included "test" antenna, Awesome sound, and more important, clarity. My transmitter stays on 24/7, and on the frequency I use, when the show isn't running, you hear nothing but dead silence. Just my opinion. Pricey, but worth it.


I have been using EDM LCD for the past three years.  The sound is very good to excellent with the simple 3 foot wire antenna supplied with the unit.  At it's lowest setting it transmits a clear signal with no hum, no drifting and excellent stereo separation; I haven't even considered a different antenna.  It blows away the other light show about 1/4 mile away in sound quality (he uses a R@msey)!! 

I believe the EDM LCD is second to none as far as price and quality.  Check out the various comparison tests on various websites.

I just purchased the RDS model and plan to do some experimenting soon.


Yeah, I've had it fired up for about 11 days nonstop now.  I've been thinking it's time for some follow-up comment.  Thoughts more or less in order of occurrence:

It's a solid and well-constructed unit.

Going into the EDM using the -10 output on my pc soundcard (EMU 1212M with selectable +4 or -10 in/out), I still get an input too hot for the EDM that unaddressed causes distortion.  The impromptu solution has been to lower the soundcard output an additional 2db and go directly into a dbx 266 compressor, lowering that output gain as low as possible.  This seems a bit extreme... I notice there are what appear to be attenuator pots for both L & R audio-in on the EDM, and I plan to contact EDM and see if I can make an adjustment here to open up the input a bit and resolve this.  In all fairness I've not contacted them yet, and as they've responded quickly to my previous contacts, I don't doubt a speedy reply upon asking.  (Heck, I may get my answer here).

I notice an occasional excess of sibilance on sung vocals and I suspect this might be caused by the too-hot input.

Those two minor criticisms aside, I must rate the resulting sound quality as very good!  I have a library of 900+ R&B/Smooth Jazz type songs converted from wav to mp3 at either 192 or 256 bit rate, and without question this knocks the socks off the product airing on all stations I am able to monitor using an older analog Nikko Gamma 1 FM tuner.  Well, a couple of NPR classsical stations do sound pretty good.

I'm striving to stay Part 15 compliant and the EDM supplied antenna wire works well for this purpose.  I pretty much researched the entire FM band for 80 miles or so in all directions both by monitoring off-air signals and Internet research and found several "holes" I could drop in on.  I'm impressed I can cover about what must be a square city block with respectably quiet signal-to-noise and very good stereo separation with solid bass.  This more than enough meets our household requirement for everything from clock radio to boom box to stereo hi-fi.

Best recommendation I can make:  I'd buy it again.

All the best,

Dave P.

EDM-LCD-CS-EP comment made on

Hi EDM Team!

Please feel free to use this on your website:

You've got yourself yet another VERY SATISFIED customer. 

I felt like a kid on Christmas morning when I received the package. Admittedly, I was quite nervous to open the package and to check it all out at first, but after opening the neatly organized package, I really got what I wanted and more. Late afternoon, I hooked up my new EDM LCD transmitter in my bedroom on the 2nd floor. With the line-in volume control unit running from my laptop's headphone jack to the transmitter, the signal quality was flawless from the very first song I played. Outside in the car with its good sound system, it sounded just like any other professional radio station- with the bass and everything!

When the open frequency I chose, 92.9FM became active on my radio set and the fuzzy sound turned into crystal clear sounds (my sounds!) I was stunned. Next thing I wanted to do was to check out the range. I switched to the 100mw mode and off we went in the car. With the provided test antenna hooked onto my room's window (on the burglar bars!), we received a crystal clear stereo signal for quite a few blocks away from home. Even across the big main road on the other side of town! (For me that was WOW!) If a small wire antenna can give me such big range, imagine what an added external antenna on the roof could do! Only downside for me was that all the trees on the other side of town messed up the signal and that it breaks up there and eventually loses the signal. I'm sure this will be eliminated when I get an external antenna that's located higher up.

All in all a great transmitter- I could never have guessed that a small unit like this could perform so seriously good! I did a test broadcast and the transmitter operated flawlessly for more than 24 hours- it didn't even get warm or anything. I am really chuffed and I feel that it was money well spent. Now, when we drive into town, I know exactly where I can start tuning into my frequency to hear sounds straight from my own bedroom in stereo! 

Kind Regards,

Eon G. Engelbrecht

Just got my EDM transmitter, I can't believe my ears!

I know this has been posted before by so many others, but I'll repeat what has been said before. I just got my EDM transmitter (EDM-LCD-RDS-ES) and quickly assembled the kit. I bought it as part of the August special, so it came with both a wire and a rubber antenna. I plugged in the rubber antenna and connected it to my PC. It's a quick drop-in from where my FM-02 sits, as that was also connected with RDS.

Without adjusting anything, and configuring a better antenna, this little unit really was impressive beating out the FM-02 that I have used for the past two years. I spent hours upon hours tweaking the FM-02 for optimum transmission, and the EDM has already surpassed it without adjusting anything! I can't wait to configure it later to see how impressive it really is.

My EDM-LCD-CS-EP arrived in the mail today, and as requested, here are my observations.


The transmitter arrived as a complete package, safely shipped, and included both a 1/4 wave wired, and a rubber duck antenna.  It was completely soldered up and mounted in the metal housing - ready to go with the exception of the power connector which comes as a separate part which requires soldering.   ??    Three simple solder joints later (5min tops) and I was up from the basement on my kitchen table hooking it up my iPod.   The transmitter was crystal clear on just the rubber duck which is a shorter range antenna.  I left the transmitter right where it was, antenna horizontal against the table, and went 13 houses down my block before the signal showed signs of degrading.  This transmitter is excellent.  I don't even need to set the optimum conditions for transmission such as ensuring that its on the second floor or even near the front of the house to ensure good signal from all line-of-site vantage points. My kitchen is on the back of the house and penetrated my brick with no trouble at all.  


I purchased a whole house transmitter early this spring and was sorely disappointed.  This transmitter beats that on hands down in my opinion.  The craftsmanship looks excellent.

Hi Rob

TX arrived yesterday

ran tests this am and all fine business   covering all yard and house on
min pwr out

impressed with quality and even the mono chip was preinstalled well done
to all


happy camper here

73  John ZS5JT

Thanks, I received the unit yesterday and it works perfectly !

Prof WH (Herman) Steyn

Thanks for the transmitter. With a Sentinel 3bD gain antenna at about 13m we reach to the 1 side of town about 7km. One person claims he receives it 11km away on his farm in his car, but not in his house. To the other side of town, behind a little hill, we reached about 3.5km. They are very happy.
I had a little dipole antenna made up for my OB Unit. I hope to reach 800m at 5m high.
Do you have any idea when the other transmitter will be here? We will be working in Kempton Park this weekend for RSG at the Toeka festival.
Thanks for your help.


Well, what should I say - I'm absolutely satified!
Sound is crystal clear, stereo image (width of soundstage) is very good. Dynamics good, noise floor present but negligible (at reasonable high audio input levels, but that's audio basics).
I had absolutely no problem connecting my mp3-player (I actually had to LOWER the input resistance on the 25k pots in order to turn DOWN the output level on my mp3-player!)
Range is good, I'll connect my selfmade dipole as soon it's finished and that will take the whole thing onto another level.
Craftsmanship is of very good quality - some rugged stuff here!

Achim (Italy) -